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Squirrel Nutkin

Squirrel Nutkin is a rude, mischeivous, implusive red squirrel who loves to have fun. He likes to play ninepins with a crabapple and green fir-cones.


The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin Edit

Squirrel Nutkin, his brother Twinkleberry, and their many cousins sail to Owl Island on little rafts they have constructed of twigs. They offer resident owl Old Brown a gift and ask his permission to do their nut-collecting on his island. Nutkin however dances about impertinently singing a silly riddle. Old Brown pays no attention to Nutkin, but permits the squirrels to go about their work. Every day for six days, the squirrels offer gifts to Old Brown, and every day as well, Nutkin taunts the owl with another sing-song riddle. Eventually, Nutkin annoys Old Brown once too often. The owl seizes Nutkin and tries to skin him alive. Nutkin escapes, but not without losing most of his tail. After this he becomes furious when he is asked riddles.


Tales of Beatrix Potter (ballet) Edit

An abridged version of The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin appears in Frederick Asthon's ballet, Tales of Beatrix PotterThe ballet starred the dancers of The Royal Ballet wearing large lifelike animal costumes and masks. Nutkin and the other squirrels also appear in the finale of the ballet.

The World of Peter Rabbit and FriendsEdit

Although his story never appeared in the anthology series, Nutkin did make a cameo appearance in The Tale of Mr. Tod when he showed Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Benny the direction Tommy Brock was heading after kidnapping Benjamin's children.


Nutkin as he appears in the Nick Jr. Series.

Peter Rabbit (cbeebies.) Edit

He can wake up Old Brown. The squirrel tribe also wake Old Brown up.Nutkin, the other squirrels, and Old Brown appear in the Nick Jr. TV Series Peter Rabbit. A tailless squirrel and the leader of the squirrels tribe. He is Peter's squirrel friend who saves Peter whenever he gets captured by Mr. Tod. His tail was pulled off by Old Brown. He is the leader of the playful "squirrel tribe". He is still fun loving and mischeivous and playful. He is a loyal friend and ally to Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and Lily Bobtail. He is shown without his tail, and is afraid of Old Brown.